We have moved Theme!?

As you can see The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism has moved to a new blog theme!

This blog theme will hopefully be more easy to read and more in keeping with my intention to keep blogs below 600 words and to be more about recovery from addiction rather than the disease/disorder of addictive behaviour.

However some readers may have an issue with reading on top of a visual image/photograph?

Let me know if you find it kinda difficult reading this new blog?

A TIP – scroll the words as you read  up to the top of the page where it is uniformly grey and easy to read.

That’s what I do anyway.

I liked and picked  it because it catches that desperate loneliness of walking the beach in the rain at the end of my alcoholism.

Trying to work out your future when it felt so bleak and devoid of hope. Reminds me of when I was so confused about what the hell had happened to me and why my life had turned out so miserably?

I remember this beach walks very well indeed.

I live 5-10  minutes from the beach. I would escape there in the rain because I knew there would no one there.

I could be alone in my desperation.

By this stage I felt no one knew what I was going through or no one could help. I was beyond human aid, but in a way I had not comprehended yet.

You know you are in a desperate place when you can get no enjoyment out of walking on a beach.

Being on a beach with my wife, friends, family or with my dogs made me more acutely aware than anywhere else of my utter desolation, my absolute disconnection with all the good things in life.

In the last 9 months of my active alcoholism I walked the beach while in alcoholic psychosis, until the hallucinations got too severe and  me too fearfully paranoid resorted to living in the attic room in our house.


Inside the alcoholic brain has moved into The Alcoholics Guide to Alcholism’s old theme as   I felt the old theme for Inside the Alcoholic Brain was way too wordy and off putting for potential readers.

I have also lost one of the three columns on the blog page in order to make the blog site easier to read. I hope you agree?

Please drop me a comment to let me know if you think the changes I have made to this blog help it or hinder it,  have improved the readability and accessibility of this blog or not?

If you are still walking that beach please get in touch?

There is a solution to your problem.