Change of Heart

Just to clarify I will be on a long term break from blogging about research, namely the neuropsychology of addictive behaviour and recovery.

I have found research quite obsessive and difficult not to get kinda addicted to it. I need to step away from it I think.

I have done enough research in 6 years to write three PhDs and a few books.

After a rest period, however, I will be returning to blog about my experience of recovery and helping others in recovery – that is my 6 month project moving forward.

In order to do this properly I have to  lay the ground work.

Basically I have to accept that my recovery has gone off beam and that I need to go back to recovery basics myself in many ways.


It is a rare sign of humility for me, appreciating I need a good tune up.

I need to tighten my belt and start spending more time working with others. Especially those in early recovery. In order to be of service to them I need to get myself in fitter spiritual condition.

I did not realise how much my blogs mean to other people which is very humbling so I will continue with this project say from July to December, so hang in there as there will be lots more blogs on the experience of recovery, coming after a rest period to get back to a fitter spiritual condition.

Thank you


Adieu for Now

Special notice to say that is me for now – I am taking time out.

Six years of constant research has left me tired and in need of a change in my life. I need to get more hands on in helping others.

I am leaving behind a library of info on my blogs which I will maintain long term – all one needs to essentially know about the neuropsychology of addictive behaviour and recovery I believe is there if one roots around – dealing with distress via serenity is the key ultimately.

Hopefully I have helped shine some light on how recovery changes the brain for the better – ultimately long term recovery involves the rational management of our, at times, errant emotions and accompanying cognitive distortions.

Hopefully I have also shown some ways this can be achieved in recovery.

Recovery is possible and even long lasting if one works at it.

We have a distress based condition which requires constant management, a head that can run away with itself and have to be retrieved via letting go of self willed distress and errant thinking. Recovery is a process which can only happen one day at a time.

So we have all only got today.

May this day be filled with serenity, the perfect antidote to distress and with love for the people in your people with hopefully some for yourself too.

Feeling good about yourself, giving yourself a break, are good ways to recover a sense of self that is not distorted and jaundiced by our addiction.

We may have addicted brains but we can have recovering minds which can create for us a life we could never have envisaged

So one step in front of the other and let recovery take you somewhere you have never been before, become a person you have never know nor been before.

God bless all of you on your life journeys, in your recovery discoveries.

Have courage, hope and faith and all will be well!

Thank you for reading, commenting on and following my work. I have enjoyed getting to know some of you and I wish you all well in our lives, your recoveries and in your journeys of discovery.

If you need to contact me I am on facebook and twitter.

Paul x