My Interview/Podcast on Since Right Now

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Here I am being interviewed at length by Chris Aguirre on his excellent Since Right Now podcast about my theories of addiction, and other research, my experience of addiction and recovery and how academic and so-called anecdotal or “experiential”  evidence have been combined to shape my world view regarding what I believe is at the heart, the pathomechansim, of addictive behaviour and also what recovers in  recovery and why?

A Date for the Diary! My Interview on KLĒN+SŌBR’s Podcast

May Guests on


First Up – Paul  – May 9th 2015


Hear my interview with Chris on podcast here May 9th!

Talking about my research into the underlying cognitive-affective mechanisms of Addictive Behaviours as well as Recovery from these behaviours.

I’m looking forward to it – many thanks to Chris for inviting me to speak about my work.


” Paul is a recovering alcoholic, currently following a PhD into the neuromechanisms of addictive behaviours. He writes with that combined knowledge and insight at The Alcoholic’s Guide to Alcoholism.

This may be the episode where things stop being irreverent and start getting real.”