12 Steps

This page is about the history and effectiveness of 12 step groups  and will have videos and articles attempting to explain their enduring success in treating alcoholism and addiction and “How it Works” in Neuro-psychological terms.

Does It Work, If You Work It?

How The Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 Step Program of Recovery Helps with Emotional Dysregulation.

Maintaining Emotional Sobriety (and sanity) via the steps 10-12.

Why a “Spiritual Solution” to a Neurobiological Disease?

The Stories They Tell in AA – Transformation through AA Narratives.

Looking Inside 12 Step Recovery

How Religious are 12 Step Groups?

The Benefits of Helping Others

Carrying this Message to the Wider World?

Effectiveness of 12 Step Recovery

Participation in Treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous – a study of AA effectiveness.

Alcoholics Anonymous Effectiveness: Faith Meets Science

Measuring the “psychic change”?

AA  helps to reduce impulsivity

Impulsivity an independent predictor of 15 year mortality risk among individuals seeking help for alcohol related problems.

Reducing Impulsivity via 12 Step Mutual Aid Group Affiliation

Does science show what 12 steps know?

Social Anxiety and Peer Helping in Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous Effectiveness: Faith Meets Science

AA linked to Higher Rates of Continuous Abstinence/Recovery.





 AA: America’s Gift to the World.



The “Big Book”  of AA online 

An online version of the AA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book

AA 12&12 Online version


Some 12 step groups websites














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  1. Renee Stokes · December 8, 2016

    Amazing post! For some great information and guides on AA meetings Los Angeles, AA meetings Pasadena please visit the following resource below. Alcoholism is not insurmountable it just takes a new way of reframing the problem.


    Thank you!

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