A History of Mutual Aid Groups

In this section we will be linking to blogs on the mutual aid groups for the “treatment” of alcoholism going back to the century preceding AA.

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William L White is one of the foremost writers on the History of “recovery” from the 1730s up until the present day and the advent of the new recovery movement (in the US). The first two of nine videos looks at the early history of mutual groups leading up to the founding of AA and beyond.

It is fascinating to see how certain types of treatment and views about addiction appear to have a cyclical nature, coming in and out of fashion at different times in history.

Listen here to White’s authoritative accounts of the formative years of recovery movements and then go to the Recovery page to hear the other seven short videos in this impressive collection which move on to explain the “new recovery movement” which involves the creation of recovery communities to help with long term recovery. The formation of these recovery communities also reduces the stigma of addiction and in reducing this stigma may help many more addicts and alcoholics start recovery as stigma around this chronic illness appears to impede many in seeking initial treatment and recovery.    The future of recovery?




Some books on Mutual Aid History

Slaying the Dragon 


Other Good Reads

Twice Born Men

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