“When we came into recovery we felt that our life was over but it had barely begun. 

Your very best years are ahead of you. Things do and continue to get better, and better.” 

The Pages in this Blogsite are mainly for the head and the blogs have increasingly come to be about the heart of recovery – in fact we believe that recovery can only be fully explained via the  language of the heart to used Bill Wilson’s phrase.

Paul Henry, principal blogger and researcher, has contributed to various other addiction based websites such as  Addictionland , Klen + Sobr and  Recovery SI

health blogs
health blogs

This blog is written for active and recovering alcoholics (and those suffering and recovering from substance and behaviour addiction) and those who love and live with them, by alcoholics and addicts in recovery.

This blog started off as a blogsite that mixed ancedotal, experiential knowledge of being an alcoholic/addict in recovery with the very latest neuropsychological research into addiction and recovery.

It sought to mix experimental evidence with the evidence of lived experience.

As time progressed over the past year, the head started taking over the heart and the blog became more research based and less  experienced based.

Now we have decided to make this blog solely about the experience of addiction and recovery.

It will not be from the head but will use the language of the heart instead to pass on what we have learnt about this illness and recovery from it.

We believe that sharing stories is one of the most profound ways to pass on knowledge and it has been since time immemorial.

Sharing our stories of illness and recovery are intrinsic to 12 step groups also and to getting well.

Stories can literally transform lives. Hopefully our stories will touch your heart too.

Recovery was a journey from our deluded heads to our hearts. But it starts with the heart saying I have had enough, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

We will still mention research in passing but not in detail and we do also refer you to  sister blog if you would like to study or read the lastest neuro-scientific and neuro psychologcal research into this disease and disorder of addictive behaviors.

There are also various pages on this blog which talk in detail about the neuropsychology of addiction and recovery, so please have a look around as there is a library of information and research on this blogsite if you care to look around.

The real aim of this blog is that you identify with what is being written about and that it hopefully spurs you on in your recovery from addictive behaviours.

We hope to carry a message of hope, that you can recover for addictive behaviours.

Addictive behaviours are potentially fatal.

Recovery is the best thing we have ever done in our lives and we hope you can join us in recovery.

Life has been transformed and is so much better and fulfilling than any of us could have imagined – when we came into recovery we felt that our life was over but it had barely begun.

Your best years are ahead of you.

Our sister blog looks at the neuroscience of addiction and recovery in a more academic  style, setting out a conceptual framework which puts emotional processing and regulation deficits at the heart of addiction.



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Here is Paul Henry  being interviewed at length by Chris Aguirre on his excellent Since Right Now podcast about his theories of addiction, and other research, his experience of addiction and recovery and how academic and so-called anecdotal or “experiential”  evidence have been combined to shape his world view regarding what he believes is at the heart, the pathomechansim, of addictive behaviour and also what recovers in  recovery and why?




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    • alcoholicsguide · May 27, 2014

      Thank you Catherine, I read it and it’s great, good write up! 🙂

      • Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon · May 27, 2014

        My pleasure Paul….It has gotten a few Re-Blogs already! Good Stuff…Cat

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