Why a “Spiritual Solution” to a Neurobiological Disease?

because it says it all! and for our newcomers…

Inside The Alcoholic Brain

In the first in a series of blogs we discuss the topic of why does the solution to one’s alcoholism and addiction require a spiritual recovery.

This is a much asked question within academic research, although the health benefits of meditation are well known and life styles incorporating religious affiliation are known to increase health and span of life.

I guess people are curious as to how the spirit changes matter or material being when it should perhaps be rephrased to how does application of the ephemral mind affect neuroplasticity of the brain. Or in other words how does behaviour linked to a particular faith/belief system alter the functions and structure of the brain. We have discussed these points in two blogs previously and will do so again in later blogs. Here I just want to highlight in a short summary why spiritual practice helps alcoholics and addicts with with…

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  1. Alan · October 18, 2014

    Personally, the images presented by my Catholic faith (living water, new wine of the Holy Spirit) have proven invaluable in my recovery. I don’t believe we CAN recover without replacing the addiction with something else.

    • alcoholicsguide · October 19, 2014

      we may stay sober maybe, recover no – we have to find a way of living outside of the selfish ego – and not many are better for that than our Christian faith Alan. It feels like it was designed specifically to help us, the most wretched. Living outside of self means we live for others and this behaviour changes our brains and hearts for the good. Without a spiritual solution we simply get increasingly sicker. In God’s grace I am as sober (sane) as a judge, but only then. Paul

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