1. clairesuper · May 19, 2015

    Wow – this is quite powerful and also quite frightening. I am in recover (171 days) and have a father who I believe is an alcoholic. I also believe my husbands father is an alcoholic so the odds are high for our two kids to develop issues.

    Hopefully I will model some healthy behaviours for them however there are years of learnt behaviours to undo and that feels quite overwhelming sometimes.

    One day at a time, as they say….

    Thanks for this Paul

    • alcoholicsguide · May 19, 2015

      One day at time as you say Claire – I will be posting next week on prevention in terms of children learning emotional skills such as identifying and verbalising (sharing) emotions – for me this addiction is also a emotional disease in many ways. These things were not modelled for me by my parents and together with insecure attachment and a presistent negative self schema have contributed greatly I believe to my various addictions, particularly alcoholism. Good to hear for you.

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