Contemplating that what “I Am”

In a previous blog we looked at how centring prayer helps one get “out of self”. This contemplative prayer or meditation is more than simply not being in self regulation. It is a deeper commune with what one is, beyond this self regulation.

Contemplation may be more profound than the training of attention on certain sensations or on the ephemeral nature of being.

Contemplation is an absolute attempt at giving up self, letting go completely so as to intermingle with some union with a cosmic force, higher power, divine life, God. It is a waiting for this to happen,  not to make it happen. It happens in God’s time not ours.

This is why this technique for me is more difficult that meditation as it requires that I let go completely and wait to receive Grace.  A free gift of Love.

For a control freak like me this takes time and effort and can be difficult. When it does occur it is as Thomas Merton describes so profoundly in this video, the most beautiful description of contemplation that I have come across. please take a moment to listen to his words of insight.

It is ultimately “being touched by God”.


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