Change of Heart

Just to clarify I will be on a long term break from blogging about research, namely the neuropsychology of addictive behaviour and recovery.

I have found research quite obsessive and difficult not to get kinda addicted to it. I need to step away from it I think.

I have done enough research in 6 years to write three PhDs and a few books.

After a rest period, however, I will be returning to blog about my experience of recovery and helping others in recovery – that is my 6 month project moving forward.

In order to do this properly I have to  lay the ground work.

Basically I have to accept that my recovery has gone off beam and that I need to go back to recovery basics myself in many ways.


It is a rare sign of humility for me, appreciating I need a good tune up.

I need to tighten my belt and start spending more time working with others. Especially those in early recovery. In order to be of service to them I need to get myself in fitter spiritual condition.

I did not realise how much my blogs mean to other people which is very humbling so I will continue with this project say from July to December, so hang in there as there will be lots more blogs on the experience of recovery, coming after a rest period to get back to a fitter spiritual condition.

Thank you



  1. susan freeman · June 26, 2015

    So pleased to hear that. Your blogs are a lifeline for my own recovery but great to hear you are looking after your own


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    • alcoholicsguide · June 26, 2015

      I just need a break Sue to be honest – I have an obsessive mind that is great for research but this has had it’s costs on my recovery I must admit. Finding a balance has been very difficult as one can get addicted to researching addiction which is quite ironic – so I need time away from research – but I know recovering people get a lot from my recovery blogs (more than I thought) so I will continue these after a short break. So happy to hear my blogs help you Sue and others, that is the whole point of this. Paul

  2. Emotional Sobriety and Food · June 26, 2015

    So happy that I will be able to be a part of and witness your journey.

    Service and intensive work with other addicts is the antidote to our mental obsession and spiritual malady. We are never cured, all we have is a daily reprieve contingent on our spiritual condition. May God bless you and keep until then.

    Thank you for your service!

    I appreciate your thoughtful and thought provoking insights!

    • alcoholicsguide · June 27, 2015

      thank you! you have been a valuable supporter and I have really enjoyed our exchanges. Agree with service bit -also an antidote to our emotional immaturity and attachment issues I increasingly find – we have found a place where we belong – very important that to recovery to treat our essential sense of isolation. That is my first observations from stepping up my meetings – in fact just came from AA mtg now which was sharing about emotion immaturity/sobriety – can confirm my theories are right! lol Paul

  3. Gia Leigh · June 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on the sirius dark room and commented:
    Thank you Paul.

  4. Em Felis · June 27, 2015

    Good on you!

  5. Lori K · June 27, 2015

    Your recovery comes first. Take care of you!

    • alcoholicsguide · June 27, 2015

      ill do -there will be some time out! Altho just came from AA mtg talking about emotion immaturity/sobriety – can confirm my theories are right! lol

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