This Fleshy Hunger

This Fleshy Hunger refers to that craving that consumes a man and takes up all his thoughts and possesses him with one intent, to satisfy those desires.
The title is a term used to describe sex addiction but it could also describe various pathological yearnings.
The man is no longer in his home, or even in his own mind and body. He is elsewhere, in a manic reverie, in another imagined place.
He looks insane, possessed, in his imaginary relish and exquisite torture.




  1. feelingmywaybackintolife · June 11, 2017

    “Until this year I had never picked up an artbrush.” Wow. You are very talented. And indeed you seem to capture the essence of the person. Beautiful – and here and there a little uncomfortable… :-). I am happy for you that you have found this talent and congratulations with being featured on BBC. That’s pretty cool. 🙂
    xx, Feeling

    • alcoholicsguide · June 11, 2017

      hello – long time no hear – thank you too for your kind words. Trying to paint the uncomfortable – have quite a lot to draw on. Want to explore trauma, addiction and recovery now in my art too. I started painting directly after finishing my EMDR therapy. I finally got over my fear of mistakes and ended my own private war. Thank God. How are you? I hope you are well and happy? Paul etc xx

      • feelingmywaybackintolife · June 11, 2017

        ‘Finally got over my fear of mistakes’. Cool. 🙂 I am happy for you. 🙂
        I am happy. Happy that I quit. Still struggling to sort of get a feeling of organisation in my life though money wise and work wise I am back on track. That does give a lot of rest. But I am still rather reactive instead of proactive and that is something which needs attention. The addictive energy is big in me. 🙂 The clean side too, but, hahaha, like any addict I tend to be drawn to extreems and is is becoming uncomfortable. 🙂 Well, that is how it works: change whatever kills you first. 🙂
        xx, Feeling

  2. alcoholicsguide · June 11, 2017

    “change whatever kills you first” this is it! Recovery is discovery they say. Any rest points are very welcome aren’t they? I have to watch for workaholism etc too but let’s face it, addiction does not go away. There is something to always be really worried about, ha ha. Extremisms borne out of emotional reactivity borne out of an overactive amygdala pumping too much stress chemical into our brains. Simple but not easy. One day at a time is a profound template to live life by. I must try it more? Every day i try my best to do too much! I am always obsessing about this or that but I know it is my ongoing illness. Somewhere down the line recovery is more dominant for longer periods than the illness (most days) but the addiction is always progressive too as our brains are fundamentally out of kilter. Knowing that is about 10,000,000% better than not knowing that. Praise be for a bit of awareness. It saves lives xx

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